Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Drivers Training Begins....

Well here it is........FINALLY........the Cadillac of Power Wheelchairs. Here he is cruising around the lobby of the therapy building, showing off his new wheels.
Just can't wait to get going...........'Com on Mom lets go!!!

You want me to go slow???? I laugh in your face!

Isn't he good? He's already checking out over his right shoulder to make sure no one is behind him!

Today was a roller coaster of emotions for me.
Finally Daniel will have the freedom to roam around (and run over) to where ever he wants.
Flip side: I just signed off on purchasing a WHEELCHAIR for my 2 year old son.
This is NOT fair, no one should have to do that.
Is this me giving up? Saying he'll never walk?
Cause today he also got his Nimbo Reverse Posture Walker.....
and I would love in a year to be able to put a big "FOR SALE" sign on the wheelchair
because Daniel will be walking......but until then.....he might as well enjoy his ride


Stacey said...

Sa-WEET! He's got his name on it and everything! That's a straight up love machine.

Jacolyn said...

That is wonderful!!! Damn straight you're not giving up. We'll never give up!!!

Anonymous said...

look at what a big boy he looks like in the chair. i love it. mobility is a great thing. enjoy that daniel can do that! he looks so happy. Yea Daniel, you go boy!

Anonymous said...

YEAH Daniel, don't mow anyone over with that...can I have a ride?? You go big guy!

C said...


Way to go Daniel (and his mommy).


Jen said...

You go, Daniel! LOVE the name on the chair! (I wish I had a ride with my name on it...) ~jealous face~ Hugs!!!!

Auntie Robin said...

That's fabulous! I can't believe what a big boy he looks like!! Kisses Daniel!!