Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Funk Continues......

We won't get into the "I Hate the Holidays" because its only a few more days and we'll be done with I am trying to refrain from bursting anyones bubble and getting on a roll because I don't think I'll be able to stop. I am sure there will be tears and frustration written all over this blog.
And Melissa- NO, we haven't fixed it yet!! By the way, we are still without my computer so that is more of the frustration!!! UUUGH
For the past few weeks I have been trying to get things for the holiday done. I managed to teach myself how to quilt on my new sewing machine and made 14 quilts since the day after Thanksgiving. A huge feat for me.

Ok, so I won't get started I will just upload some new photos that we took in the past few weeks and give a brief description of each.

Here is Daniel with his present he got from his Secret Santa. A mother from a Yahoo support group that I belong to (Cerebral Palsy Moms) organized it. Daniel's present was from Ashton. He gave Daniel a really cool book, with sounds and his favorite character in it. ELMO!!! What a hit this was at our house. I've lost count to how many times we've read it so far! Thanks Ashton!!

Brittany reading Daniel his book for the 100th time!

Here Daniel is helping Mommy mix up things in the mixing bowls while I was trying to reproduce a recipe my mother use to make every holiday.........English Toffee Candy covered in Chocolate with sliced almonds.

Daniel trying to get me into the holiday spirit....

Daniel on one of his not so happy therapy days.........He didn't want to do what Ms. Carol was suggesting, hense the furrowed brow.

Brittany and Tori INSISTED on taking Daniel out into the snow.
20 minutes of getting the boots, snowsuit, gloves, hat, scarf, thermal undie.......for 10 minutes of playing out in the snow. But it was worth it, he loved it.
Daniel's 1st visit with Santa this year. Last year he liked it.
This year he's trying to figure out how the he!! to get off his lap!

Our 2nd attempt at Santa on a different day...
Nope, still doesn't like him!!!

And this is my favorite picture of all from the past couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll get yelled at from Dad or someone for putting this one on here. But isn't he such a big boy.......and the expression on his face..........PRICELESS!!
Pretty much sums up what I think of the holidays...........


Melissa said...

Ok I kid you not, I am eating that exact treat you were making(we call it butternut crunch) RIGHT NOW! How weird is that?! It is so good isn't it?

Sorry you haven't fixed the hard drive yet. I hope you get your pics back.

And the last pic...hilarious!

Anonymous said...

hahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha his face... omg i cant stop.... hahahahhahahahhaha its so funny....

Melanie said...

I know isn't it a hoot! I keep looking at it, imagining what he could be thinking at the moment.
Even on the potty he is such a cutie!

Lonnie said...

look at the picture of Daniel with the santa hat on. then look at the TV in the