Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Official

We are getting our delivery today for ACTH and the supplies we will need to start Daniel next Tuesday. Makes me sick. I don't know if we're making the right decision. I mean I know I want to stop the IS seizures. But what if giving him the steroids harms him in another way? What is some horrible side effect pops up and we lose Daniel........and we did it because he was having some seizures. We are in a no win situation either way.

So the company says we don't need to be home when the supplies are delivered that they are coming by UPS and that we don't need to sign for anything? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? If all the vials are in there that is close to 100K in medicine and you're telling me you're just going to leave it at the door? ARE YOU NUTS?!!

We will have someone posted outside the door to grab it! YIKES! can you imagine if someone stole that and tried to resell it? They could make a nice wad of cash there eh ?!?

On a better note, we are driving to pick up Brittany from college for the weekend. We all miss her very much!

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