Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Upped Meds

This week has been kind of chaotic. Seems when one thing happens everything happens, all gets a bit overwhelming at times.

We upped Daniel's night time dose of seizure medicine so he is now getting 750mg at night and 500 in the am. Unfortunately for his weight we are maxed out on the Vigabatrin, so if seizures continue then we will have to add or change meds. Not looking forward to that experience. Just the first night of upping his meds he was very irritable and didn't sleep well. Sigh!! He seems to have gotten use to it now. Just cross your fingers that we don't see any more seizures.

I swear with the bulges that I see on his gum lines (3 on the upper right and 1 on the lower bottom) I wouldn't be too surprised if those seizures aren't just from teething! And I'm not talking small teeth either! Those are some big'uns!

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