Monday, June 4, 2007


Well again Daniel has had some more seizures. Not sure why, could be the additional weight gain, or it could be his seizures are getting stronger, or the medication just isn't working anymore. All a bunch of "COULD BE's" and the not knowing, absolutely drives me bonkers.

I am not a patient person to begin with, when soemthing is going to happen I want to know all the details, don't leave anything out. I plan things way in advance, there are lists of what to do and when to do it. When I want something done, it is done NOW, when I say. I am not a person who can accept, "well we'll just have to wait and see". Pardon me? Do you know who you're talking to?? This must be some sort of cruel torture that someone is punishing me with. No I understand that no one has a crystal ball, but please dont' tell me again, "well we'll just have to wait and see".

On another note...being a bit cranky this morning because I was worried about Daniel's seizures, we are sitting in a waiting room waiting for Brittany to get done with her test. Daniel was tired and hungry so I was giving him his bottle (yes he is almost two and still takes a bottle but that is because he CAN'T drink from a cup or a straw yet), so he is laying across my lap and I am holding his bottle. This old woman is bold enough to say (after staring for about 5 minutes off and on) "He's a little big to be drinking from a bottle.", imagine....deep breath, eyes shut, trying to gain my composure.....stay calm Mel, "he has special needs" END OF STORY right? You'd think any decent person would then shut up......but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not this old bitty! "Well at least he could hold his own bottle." I swear to God, it took everything in me not to put Daniel down and get up and whoop this lady's a$$ right there in front of everyone. Another deep sigh, its OK Mel, she's an ignorant A$$, "Well, Not that its any of your "beeping" business, but he has Cerebral Palsy......and that means, he can't control his arms and his legs, so I do it for him. Now, (snide look) anymore remarks?" In return I get a big huff. She's lucky that Daniel had fallen asleep by this time.......cause I wanted to rip her frickin' head off. Mind your own business witch!

OK I'm done! Have a nice day! :)


Anonymous said...

There will always be people out there who are ignorant and ugly, you take them in stride, make an effort to teach them and impact them. If they choose to continue their journey of ignorance, let them and know that you are a wonderful person for maintaining your composure and maturity. You handled the situation well but please, but don’t be naive and think that everyone out there will be accepting and understanding. We live in a very ugly world, but Daniel brings out the good in what is left.

Anonymous said...


I am a lurker, found your blog through Billie's (Holland & Eden's mom). Your little boy is amazing, I loved watching him in the motorized chair. I decided to respond here b/c I agree with u 100%. Mind ur own friggin business! Wow. What gives someone the guts to even judge someone else, whether he had CP or not, it is none of her business how u are raising ur child. Good for you that you spoke up. And good for Daniel that he has outspoken and loving parents like the two of YOU.

Keep up the great work!