Wednesday, June 20, 2007

'Piders and Beetles.....OH MY!

Well, for those who are squeamish and sensitive to the bug world, don't read any further.

OK, I thought that my spider experience from last night was the worst; I was wrong. After telling my sister about it she began to tell me her story of sitting on her porch the other night, enjoying the weather, eating a chocolate ice cream sundae. As she was eating her ice cream, watching her little dog play in the grass, she looked down and saw that she had inadvertently dropped a blob of chocolate on her chest. So, not having a napkin readily available, she took her spoon to clean it off...........(OK are you ready for this?) It was a JUNE BUG!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! OK do you have the heebie jeebies yet?? Needless to say, she IMMEDIATELY flung it off her chest and went inside the house. UUUUGH one of those things I dislike about summer....the bugs.

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