Friday, June 1, 2007

Busy Busy!

Well I was going to say this was our first full week back in the groove, but we didn't have therapy on Monday because of the holiday!

But Boy o Boy Tuesday was a doosie! We had OT, then Speech, and after a power nap we went onto PT. Now that's the way to get back into the groove of things! Jump feet first! He is doing really well in therapies most of the time! Sorry Karen he was cranky for you!

On Wednesday we had our last day of Early Intervention (school) this year. But on a happy note, we got to play in the pool outside! next week we are having our EI picnic. Hope the weather is good.

We also had to go to Daniel's new pediatrician on Wednesday because we had noticed that Daniel wasn't bearing any weight on his right leg when we went to stand him up. (this is his strong leg). He wasn't crying that it was sore or anything and we could do his stretches and exercises. but just wouldn't step down on it. Odd you say? Yep I thought so too, so off we are to the see Dr. Elton (awesome doctor by the way!) This was the FIRST time in Daniel's 22 months that he did NOT cry at the pediatrician's office. This Doctor was so nice, and she played with him. This practice treats a lot of special needs kids, and they obviously do it very well. Anyhoo, there were no tears even when we laid him on his back on the crinkle paper. He normally will flip out when this is done, but not a peep of protesting, just giggling and flirting with the nurse and the doctor. She sent us down to get x-rays of his right leg, so I was preparing myself again for the crying that was sure to come. But again, another pleasant surprise......Daniel on his back on the x-ray table taking about 6 different x-rays and he is just ooh'ing and ah'ing! Not a peep! So he got a well deserved sticker with a hippo on it! No breaks showed up so obviously it was just a pulled muscle. Ouch!

Today I am proud to announce that yet again Daniel is doing what people thought he would never do! He went potty 4 times today in the potty (come on sing the song with me!)
Bravo, Bravo, Bra-vis-e-mo,
Bravo, Bravo, Bra-vis-e-mo,
Bravo, Bravo, Bra-vis-e-mo Daniel went Potty-O!!!!!!!
He gets so excited when he does it!

He also went to his dietitian and since his last visit approximately 1 month ago he has gained 1 lb. 11 oz. making him a WHOPPING 26 lbs 11 oz., and 34 inches long!
We're thinking abut legally changing his name from Daniel to Green Giant. Any objections??

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