Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Equipment

Well we have appointments set up for next week with two different people for two different things.

1) Cory from University of Michigan Seating Systems is bringing out a motorized wheelchair for Daniel to try out. Obviously because of his lack of control with his arms, they are looking to start teachign Daniel to use his head; literally, to control the mechanism to make the wheelchair move. Currently I can't tell you if I am comfortable with this or not. All I know is that it makes me very sad.

2) We are also going to be meeting with another person about a stander. This type of stander is called a "Standing Dani". This should help Daniel get some trunk control and hopefully build up some muscles. All I can do is hope that some day we won't need this stuff and we can have a really cool garage sale with all this medical equipment!

3) We are also going to be meeting with Robin for his DAFO's (Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthotic). He has outgrown his first pair and needs to be refitted for new ones. Hopefully it won't take too long to get them. One the other hand, a summer without having to wear DAFO's will be nice to not have sweaty, stinky feet! :)

Feelings about all this stuff: sad, confused, overwhelmed, happy to help him, but sad to admit he needs these contraptions.

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Anonymous said...

If we need glasses to see, we wear glasses. If we need hearing aids to hear, we wear hearing aids. If we need wheelchairs to get around or standers to stand, we use wheelchairs and standers. Thank God we have these options.