Monday, May 14, 2007

Week Two - Day One - Grand Rapids

Well, we are back to CLC and Daniel wanted nothing to do with it. There were a lot of tears today, I have just come to the conclusion that Daniel does not like to lay on the "tables" on his tummy OR his back. It was just all tears. Now if he was sitting up he was as happy as could be.

After about 15 minutes of solid crying I said ok enough, he is so upset, his eyes are sealed shut, his body is all tensed up, and he is crying so loudly, there is no way this is productive in anyways. So, I gave in, I picked him up and gave him a big mommy hug. I just couldn't help it. I tried to talk him through it, but it just wouldn't work. I've discovered I have to have some really good "stay strong" pills to be able to sit for that long and let my baby cry.

Now once we got through that session, all was well. We did the "AWFUL TABLE STRETCHES" and moved on to the potty sitting....yes here we go again another potty picture, and yes i WILL Shout it to the world...DANIEL WENT POTTY IN THE POTTY AGAIN!!! He must have been showing off to Caitlin, so we got to sing the "Bravo Daniel " song. For that he got a bunch of beads to hang from his chair. He was oh soooooo happy for the beads. Kind of reminds me of Mardi Gras! You show something and you get beads!


Daniel is starting to do really well at snack time, he is able (with some help) about to scoop up his food and feed himself. He still tends to try to bring his head to is hand instead of his hand to his mouth (Sorry Ms. Karen, we're working on it!) He gets a little messy, yes, but there is such accomplishment on his face (along with food) when he is done. My how this child loves his snacks! Now think about it, you've got to have some talent to balance your butt on a chair, hold on with one hand to the bar to try to keep balance, hold your spoon, scoop up your food and get it to your mouth, all without falling off your chair! can you say "SUPER BIG BOY!"

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Dad said...

Daniel, you look like such a big boy! Daddy is very proud! I miss you and mommy very much! But remember what Tom Hanks said..."There is no crying in Conductive Learning!" Well, something like that anyway! ;)