Sunday, April 1, 2007

WOW, its April already. Holy crow where is the time going?? Lets see because I forget so much, lets get them out there in case I forget.
Happy Anniversary to Aunt Ann and Uncle Mike
Happy Birthday to Uncle Jeff
Happy Birthday to sister Brittany..........the big 18!!
Happy Birthday to sister Tori.......the big 14!! OH My goodness!
And also we have Daniel's fundraiser on the 20th!! If you need tickets please let me know and I will get them to you. They are $20 each, which includes 3 games of bowling, shoes, Pizza & Pop. There will also be different raffles, drawings and fun stuff! Now come on, get your friends and get your ticket order in advance so your guaranteed a lane to bowl. Only the first 150 people can bowl! There are also drink specials through out the night. There are Nascar cups that I believe are $5,(we get 1/2 of that) and then you get a cheaper price to fill it up through the night! What a deal!!! Come on .........I bet you can't beat my high score. I'm the champ at 135!!! HA HA HA
Its going to be another busy month with all the birthdays, Easter, and doctor appointments, PLUS don't forget we are going to Grand Rapids in two weeks to visit the Conductive Learning Center. Can't wait!!!!
Also have the training for the Betty's Boob's group (3 day breast cancer walk) that is in my mom's name. We will be working select Detroit Tigers games at the booths that sell food and if you're at the game, check out the booth of Betty's Boobs! Unfortunately a few months ago we found out that my moms cancer has come back and is in her lungs. Since we first found our a few months ago, the tumer has grown 1mm per month. this is not a good sign. If everyone could just say a little prayer for my mom, Daniel's & the girl's grandma....that would be wonderful and it would be greatly appreciated. Please, please God, make her as comfortable as possible, and watch out for her. Thank you

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