Monday, March 26, 2007

Just losing it mentally!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you're fine and the next you feel like you just got run over by a huge semi truck?
I was just checking the websites that I beong to and there is a little boy who is getting HBOT, he has CP, I am putting the link in here for those who would like to
Not even 2 minutes into this video, I am watching Daniel.......this child moves just like Daniel, and I have lost it. I can't get anyone to say Ok, try the HBOT, all the doctors say NO because its not approved. I REALIZE ITS NOT APPROVED but who is to say it won't work?!?!? (just so you all kow his medicine he takes 2x a day isn't approved either but we're doing that and it works!) It just sucks. And even if we could find some place to take Daniel for this, it would tak e even last dime he made with his first fundraiser plus more. All that money for one form of therapy, but if it works.its worth it, and then there is the pressure that if it didnt' work we just threw that money away.
It is just not fair, this whole crap is just not fair. We shoudl be able to wake up in the mornings and think ooh, lets go to the park and Daniel can run around and play, or lets take Daniel to his swimming lessons, or his play group where he can play with kids his age. But NO, we have to get up look at our schedule book and see how many therapy sessions we have that day, schedule out his naps, when he'll be able to eat in between, or if he'll have to power nap in between two therapies. It just is overwhelming, waking up scared that the twitch Daniel just made.......OH CRAP is that a seizure? or Daniel staring off.....Oh CRAP is that a seizure, or if he is going to asperate, will I be able to help him?
this crap is just not fair
So on a serious note and plea: if you know of anyone who would like to be a "sponsor" for Daniel to get HBOT? A sponsor is someone who basically helps put Daniel through this therapy, generally a business or whatever......send'em our way.
I strongly believe that Daniel would benefit so much from this, and it kills me that we aren't able to get it together. He is young and when you are young it is the best time. I feel like time is just slipping past and we're missing our opportunities.

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