Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Theories

Here are my possibly theories on why Daniel will not drink from a bottle since his hip surgery.

I mean I should know right? 

Since I've been medically trained!  HA HA  NOT!

  • His throat is irritated from having the breathing tube shoved down his throat? Maybe it hit/pinched a nerve somewhere in the back of his throat?
  • He normally has a lot of spasticity in his body.  Because he is casted on his legs, his arms are more relaxed, he is not drooling....perhaps he used his tone to help him suck prior to surgery?
  • He had some possible seizures after surgery and perhaps he lost his ability to suck? (Everything else seems fine)
  • He had a very set way of sitting on my lap and drinking his bottle, now he cannot get into the right position so he is just refusing to eat?
  • The formula tastes different now because of the anesthesia? (suggest by another mom)
  •  He is just being a stubborn little boy and likes to stress me out? :)
He doesn't fit to well.

Out for a walk

practicing sitting up!

This honey bear and a gummy bear video gets him to drink.

At our new desk in the classroom!

Let me know what your theories are!


Kristina said...

After Emma's surgeries she didn't eat or drink much at all. It was quite worrisome as she is already very skinny, but after about 2 weeks she slowly became more interested in drinking. Just a suggestions - does Daniel like milkshakes? That was what started to bring Emma around. I think the cold drink was nice for her throat. She had a preference for vanilla milkshakes for a while after her surgery. We initially bought some at the restaurant but since she doesn't do great with dairy I stared making some at home with almond milk and ice cream. I thought it had something to do with an irritated throat, too, and eventually she stared eating. I did get a few gray hairs until then, though!

Anonymous said...

what about his communication device? can he offer any thoughts using it? i know these are kind of abstract, but could he tell you that he can't do it, or that it hurts to suck from is bottle, or if he wants a different position, a different flavor, or if the formula is yucky now? or even that he's just mad or frustrated about the situation? maybe once his feelings are validated he'll be more willing to drink for you, rather than rebel (since that might be one of his only ways to rebel right now)

i'm not sure his abilities with such abstract concepts, but maybe he can help you help him!

Lee said...

Just happened across your blog, and glad I did. Danielle is such a beautiful child. So sorry to read of the issues you're having with him not drinking since the hip surgery. My daughter had hip surgery, but had a g-tube so we didn't have that issue, but I remember before the ng-tube and g-tube, it seemed if the staff at the hospital didn't work with her, she would forget how to suck. I agree that his aversion now is probably due to an irratated throat from being intubated. I can so relate to your anguish and worry. I'll pray that you make progress soon. It's hard enough dealing with these kiddos after surgery, and the spika cast, ect. I know how stressful it is. If you ever want to connect with other CP families, please consider visiting us at out Cerebral Palsy Family Network. We may have families that have experienced similiar and can offer some advice. Thoughts and prayers to you and Daniel. I'll be following your blog and praying things improve.

Maalai said...
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Leanne Marie said...

Hello I was just looking around on blogger and came across your blog, your have a really nice blog here, am sorry to hear that your having trouble with Daniel's drinking. Im sure he will come to terms with it soon he is a beautiful child :)
Keep Smiling, Take Care

Anonymous said...

I really dont know much of what your child can do, but would something along the line of popscicles work?