Saturday, February 4, 2012


Daniel loves anything to do with computers, televisions, computers, electronics, computers, portable DVD player, and his Casio keyboard. You get the idea I'm sure.
He loves turning things on and off. His way of controlling things.

A while back I believe I told you that we programmed a page on his ECO to change the channels for the TV. Its fun times when Daniel wants to watch a different program than what daddy does. So they fight and go back and forth for control. If he doesn't win, he'll just turn the TV off , look at you with a satisfied grin on his face like "Well, if I'm not watching what I want....neither are you!"

So when we recent acquired the PowerLink 3, you can imagine our excitement.  My mind went nuts thinking of all the things he could do that he'd find fun.

So we've had it for about a week and here are some of the things he has done so far.
We've made vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreo ice cream.  YUMMY
He has used the little blender we had so much that he blew it out and we had to go get a new one!
He made my breadcrumbs that were used in dinner the other night.
Mixed up his own dinner. 

Oh and who doesn't like some dinner time music from the radio?! Don't get into a song cause he'll most likely turn it off - or that could be because we're singing?  And for those hot flashes that I get, Daniel is so kind to turn on the fan! ;) 

I found an art project on Pinterest (love that site!) and we modified it so Daniel could do most of it.  We glued our "yucky" crayons and used the PowerLink with a single switch to turn on and off  a hairdryer and melt the crayons.  Big time fun!!  Besides electronics, his next favorite thing is anything to do with arts  and crafts! So you can imagine the excitement

After we glued the crayons to the top and I finally figured out a way to mount the hair dryer, we had success.  If anyone decides to do this, I strongly suggest that you put the board inside a box as there is a lot of splattering off the picture.

 Finished piece of art.  Beautiful don't you think?


happy's mommy said...

Oh Melanie...LOVE that masterpiece!


Nicole said...

You are awesomely creative. I love it.

jamie said...

That is such a cool idea :). I love it!