Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goodbye ECO....for now

Today is a big day.

We ship off Daniel's ECO14 back to PRC
They will then modify his original AAC device to be able to handle the ECOpoint.

I am so excited, I don't think I'll be able to wait the next few weeks for the modifications and upgrade. I want it NOW!! Let me rephrase that....I want it last year!!!

But I cannot wait to post more of these types of videos like this one.
And one of my all time best feeling ones here.  You can find many more throughout the blog but I think these are among my favs.

I cannot wait, as I am sure Daniel cannot wait to voice his opinion.  Hopefully it comes back quickly.  I want him to be rockin' it for the beginning of the school next year so he can blow the pants off everyone.
So PRC People who have never let us down yet.....we are sitting at our front door starting next Monday biting our nails and waiting patiently! :)

This is the face he will be making when the package arrives...He gets so excited when we get packages...he knows they are ALWAYS for him!

Then get ready cause he's got 5 years worth of stuff to be blabbing about!

By the way PRC devices are very cool, make sure you check out how they helped out this little girl who has the exact same thing as Daniel but on a different degree.  She was our inspiration along the way.  Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords.  Awesome blog, also has a wonderful book out there.  The dad is pretty cool too, I find him hilariously funny.  He wrote about Daniel back in the day when we met him in cyberspace.

So on a side note, always check all your options for AAC devices, they are not all the same! Remember to always find out about the customer support/reps too, because you will need help and if they aren't good...the device isn't going to help you much either.  By the way I can hook you up with a great speech path and PRC rep.  I believe you will find along the way too the I have mentioned that they rock too (almost as much as Daniel!)


Laura said...

Melanie, we are just getting into the augmentative comm. with Jon. I may be bugging you here in the near future! I am so happy to hear how great Daniel is doing, keep up the good work buddy!

Melissa said...

Read you blog faithfully. Checking back everyday to find out when you get your voice back! Anxious for you!