Thursday, August 19, 2010

America's Got Talent

Ok - how many of you watch America's Got Talent?

I normally don't write anything about the shows. I am sure you might have heard about Connor Doran. He is an older boy who suffers from epilepsy.
The first time I saw his act I watched his interview and thought "Oh I hope he doesn't fail". For some reason, I wanted him to be good. Usually I like to watch for the train wreck acts (I know that isn't nice.)

The whole time during his act I was mesmerized. I got goosebumps, seriously. Maybe because it was just so in sync with the music, because he suffers from something my son has - I don't know, but it was good.

He was sent home earlier in the show, but was brought back this week in the "wildcard week" and he was picked to go on. This time I got the goosebumps again, and tears in my eyes. He said in his interview that flying makes him feel like he can do anything.  He can do what "normal" kids do.

Now we probably won't win, but he has a talent beyond kite flying.....
its called giving other kids with epilepsy -HOPE.  And to me that makes him a winner already.


MJStump said...

I saw a link to his first appearance on the show...and cried!

Love that he was the wild card and got another chance to show everyone that what he does is inspiring, beautiful, brings peace, and gives others so much hope!

Of course this one made me cry too :)

Thanks for sharing something so beautiful!

blogzilly said...

Never been big on the reality shows that are not Survivor. The singing and dancing shows I can't watch. But...that's why I have you, to make sure I don't miss potential coolness. :P