Saturday, July 10, 2010

So Excited!!

In my household I am the one that gets the mail.
You touch the mail and I will harm you! ;)

Mail is mine. That is just the way it works.
So today while opening the mail, the first piece I open is a bill for our yearly cost for our supplemental insurance.  I say a few words such as "Oh sure they are mighty quick to let you know that they want something but when we are trying to get something from them it takes 

I set that aside for further review and see that we also got the typical Saturday junk mail.  Thankfully I decided to look through it instead of just tossing it like I normally do.  There was another envelope shoved in there from the same insurance company that sent me a huge bill like I stated above.  So as I am tearing it open I say to Daniel "Gee what  pooh-pooh news does this mail have in store for us?"

Daniel and I always read the mail together.  He thinks its a hoot when I toss the mail over my shoulder after reading it and saying in a high pitched voice "Oh poo-poo to you too!  Such RUBBISH!"

This time Caitlin (oldest child) got to witness the Opening of Mail

This time the first line says "Notice of Authorization"  
Blank Blank Blank Insurance has approved your request for a Kidwalk gait trainer, below are listed the specific procedure codes.  This letter confirms approval for the above listed.   Payments made represent payment in full, you are not allowed to bill the beneficiary for any additional monies for the above listed medical equipment.

Some hootin' and hollerin' followed

I'm not sure how long until we get our new walker but I will tell you I cannot wait!  Tomorrow won't be quick enough.  SO, sooo excited!! So OK, I'll pay the first bill instead of the cost of this piece of equipment.

Oh and I forgot to mention, when we started this paperwork a while ago Daniel voiced his option as to what color he wanted.  After asking him multiple times and each time he selected the same color, we decided what the heck....he picked it, he wants it, it is HIS walker.  

Here is the list of colors this comes in
Razzberry, Shocker Green, Candy Red, Candy Blue and Black

What color would your child pick?  What color would YOU pick? You'll have to wait and see what my child picked!

UPDATE:  July 12th - They say about 2 weeks until we get the walker in! Its going to be a long two weeks - I HATE waiting!


Kara Melissa said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you guys. Can't wait to see pics of Daniel I'm his new kid walk!

happy's mommy said...

Oh Mel...that's AWESOME! And I'd totally pick razzy!


Anonymous said...

Great news! Happy for you and Daniel! Barbara

(PS The mail still holds a high place in our home, too.)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That is so exciting! I cannot wait to see pictures of Daniel strutting around with his new gait trainer.

As for the colors, Emily has a wheelchair that is Razzleberry. We picked the color, but she is partial to purple! : )

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

That is awesome! Did he pick green? :) I can COMPLETELY understand your elation - my Peanut gets her new walker this Friday! It's a crocodile with a snugseat. I cannot WAIT!! :)

Here's hoping two weeks goes by quick enough!

Anonymous said...

I had to call CSHCS about our bill, which is supposed to come this month. I called and for once I got good news. Becasue Memphis gets WIC for his pediasure his CSHCS is free. Our annual income is too high for WIC but any child who is on Medicaid, including CSCHS is automatically eligible for WIC and they give us his pediasure for free. Something to think about if Daniel uses supplemental nutrition like pediasure and a bonus with t eh CSCHS.