Monday, January 18, 2010


Today we are starting Daniel's serial casting.
I am told its not bad at all. I am hoping that what I hear is right for Daniel too!
So this afternoon we will be getting two casts on two little legs, that hopefully aren't too heavy.
I envision some bruising on my body from carrying him, which I usually do!

This week on Wednesday we also have our VEP/ERG tests at the hospital. These are to test Daniel's eyes to make sure that the seizure medication that we are giving him ISN'T damaging his sight. One of the side effects is 1 out of 3 lose vision on this. Sucks. But when its the only medicine that can keep the infantile spasms away, you do what you have to do and just hope.

We also got a used "jogger" this weekend from Karen (from a Yahoo Support Group) whose child outgrew it. We brought it home and set Daniel in there to see if he could sit unassisted. Needless to say he loved it and didn't want to get out! Now we just have to wait for the snow to go away!
I wish we could get more cool things like this to allow Daniel to be more "typical" with activities, its just the cost of equipment that is labeled "Special Needs" is astronomical in cost! And getting insurance to do it....HA HA HA HA.

I know I'm stinking at bloggin' lately. Tons of stuff going on around here and its just been a blur!
I promise to do better in the future!


Anonymous said...

Our oldest loved the jogger; the younger one, not so much. We love hand-me-downs, too.

Hope your therapists will spend some time with you talking about lifting him.


Justinich Family said...

In my experience serial casting is not too bad, Evan has had it done I think 4 times now. He is only casted on the left foot though. He only seems bothered by it getting itchy. The cast is a little heavy but it does not seem to slow Evan down too much. Hope that Daniel does OK with this.

Candace said...

We just finished serial casting after surgery. Faith has had many castings done. They are cumbersome but can be helpful. The biggest thing I would say to you is to watch him very closely for signs of pain and discomfort. Faith had a bad round her first time and she ended up with SEVERE pressure wounds that are scars now. She is nonverbal so it was so hard to tell if she was in pain or just didn't like them.
After that experience we had the doctor write a Rx saying telling anyone at say a hospital that they could be cut off in an emergency.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Hope all goes well with Daniel's casting and the eye exam. I am so glad that you got a jogger - hand-me-downs are wonderful!