Monday, December 21, 2009


We had a big family get together this weekend.
Rented a hall, all the families get together.
The kids play games and do crafts
Santa comes and calls each child up to get a gift.
All of this is difficult for a child with sensory issues (and sometimes his Dad too!)
Daniel is known as the social butterfly, but it takes him a while to get use to
new situations. The loud noises, all the people kind of freak him out.
So I was very happy when cousin Caleb (again to the rescue) and sister Caitlin helped relax Daniel while doing the decorating of the cookie
Also for Victoria who quickly and expertly placed Daniel on Santa's lap for the 4.5 seconds for the photo op before the potential freak out (which never came thank goodness!)
Santa got Daniel an awesome gift (which if you have a SNK is a great gift which requires minimal large motor skills)

Unfortunately NONE of the pictures came out because the camera was set to the wrong setting, and then the battery died after the 4th picture. But I'm sure you get the idea of how it went...thanks to photos from a few other people.


Deana said...

Cool toy! What is it? I think my Max would enjoy it!

Melanie said...

Sorry how silly of me I thought I posted that!

Its a Go Diego Go Vehicle launcher, its very cool cause you don't have to step hard on it at all to get it to go, and if the feet aren't working great (which we sometimes run into) he can do it with his hand also which doesn't have alot of strength behind it.

Deana said...

I think Santa may have to make a last minute run for that!! Awesome! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you!

Makenzies Miracle said...

I am pretty sure my daughter would LOVE that!!! Where did you get it? I googled it and I am not finding anything like it!!! I hope you have a merry Christmas!!!

Melanie said...

We got it at Toys r Us.

MJStump said...

Daniel looked so happy on Santa's lap! I got all teary eyed seeing how excited he was to watch his Go Diego Go Vehicle take off when he stepped on it...the moments that make mom and dad smile :)

Have a Merrby Christmas!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That is a very cool toy! Daniel looks adorable as usual. He looks so tall in the video!

So glad the party went well - all the noises and new people can be pretty overwhelming. I am glad there were no freak outs!

Anonymous said...

The look on his face when he launched that car is just precious!

Anonymous said...

Whatever followed, looks like this is the Christmas memory to keep.
Best, Barbara