Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still Sick...

Unfortunately Daniel is still sick. One day he seems to be getting better and then the next we're starting all over again. The stress sucks, him not eating sucks even more, and I hate sitting here watching him get weak from being sick, and then I hate the thought of him at the hospital too.

Excuse the camera (for those photographers that come here) our camera sucks, or the or the other!
Christmas morning

Sword fighting with wrapping paper tubes with Tori (a few days before Christmas)

Daniel laying on the body pillow he made for daddy...stealing dads' spot!
Horribly blurry but I like the look on his face!
Check out the look he's giving Tori, kind of like
"Don't you dare to anything right now, I'm opening MY present!"
The tree in the dark (obviously)


Jacqui said...

I'm sorry Daniel is still sick.

I love the photos. Moo spent over an hour yesterday fighting lightsabers with his Daddy and laughing the whole time.

Katy said...

Sorry Daniel is sick. It's like its a sickie time of year or something.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Hope that Daniel feels better soon!!!

The pictures were great!!! ;)

TMI Tara said...

Sorry to hear Daniel is sick, but it looks like he was still able to have a merry Christmas! Here's to an even better new year! :)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So sorry to hear that Daniel is sick. I pray that he starts to feel better really soon!

It looks like he really enjoyed Christmas. He looks absolutely adorable in those photos. How can you resist that face?

JoAnn said...

OMG Daniel is so PRECIOUS in those pictures! I love them!!

I hope the little guy feels better soon!