Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Mags Winners....

Well I was hoping for more of a turn out for people wanting the magazine subscriptions! But I suppose because I haven't been the best blogger as of late, people aren't checking in as much, or we have just become boring!

But thankfully we had a few people sign up and Daniel randomly picked two numbers with his stars that we were counting this week and here are the winners.

I just need for each winner to send me their address via email with the subject MAGAZINE WINNER to mspranger(at)wowway(dot)com
so I can get that started for you!!

The winner of Family Fun magazine-
Kristina said...

I love to take the girls to the museum on rainy days! We usually go to the natural history museum as it's just the right size and age for them!

The winner of Kiwi-

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to win a subscription to Kiwi magazine. My 12 year old daughter is very socially conscious of what she eats and has helped us be aware, too. She found out about the way animals are treated that are grown for food, so we now only eat organic or "happy" meat! We love to cook and bake together.
Lori with the sbcglobal addy

Thanks again for posting your comment and I am sure you will enjoy the magazines, I know I do~

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Keri said...

Boring?? Never! Just some serious slacking on my part. Sorry I missed out on the opportunity. I need to get with the program.