Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wow What A Weekend

Well we had a busy weekend, how about you guys???
I am glad it is over and we can get back to our normal routine.

Well has normal as can be expected.

Besides the Thanksgiving weekend stuff, which by the way Daniel completely enjoyed.
Thanks to his cousin Caleb (who will be 4 soon). Daniel and Caleb were hiding under tables
scaring people by yelling "BOO", which sent the boys into fits of giggles. He also sat on the floor while Caleb showed him his cars and how they worked. Caleb always seems to know how to make Daniel feel like one of the boys and including him in his games. I am very thankful for Caleb. He is a doll, and a wonderful kid. More so than he will probably ever understand.

Along w
ith that, here is a photo of a "message" I was left in my craft room by my oldest daughter.
Apparently she had a baby shower she needed help with. Wasn't she kind enough to leave such detailed notes on what to make!!
So after a fun Saturday, Caitlin, Tori and I have come up with this little do-dad for a gift.

Here is a cute little "binkie blanket" I also made previously. Too bad we only have little boys in my family. I'm still stuck on making little girl things!!

Another fun filled weekend.....
Now what does the week ahead have in store for us?!?!?


MJStump said...

my goodness i wish i had your talents and craftiness! everything is so cute and beautiful :)

Katy said...

I do wish I could sew. That's on my list for 2010--take a sewing class. I need someone standing over me or I'll give up before I start.

Sherry C said...

I'm totally amazed again. Thanks for sharing all your great stuff with us.

K said...

Hi, it's Kate over at teaching learners with multiple special needs (why did I pick such a long blog name?).

I just dropped by from your profile... which I got to from your comment on my blog. I was surprised because I have coveted many of your items on Etsy for a while. My salary would go to Etsy if I let it!

Also if you ever want to e-mail or Google Chat or whatever, I am not a mom of a special kiddo, but I sure do love a lot of them and I have been teaching for a little over a decade now.

teechkidz at gmail dot com

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Amazing! Seriously, I wish I had even a tiny bit of your creativity and talent!

Erin said...

Love the blanket... some really lucky little girl must of gotten that one ;).

I love the idea of custom bibs and burp cloths for shower gifts. I had my mom do a couple to match Audrey's baptism gown and they turned out great and cost just a few bucks while the commercial ones are not nearly as cute and so expensive!

Keri said...

Good gravy woman! Talented and creative are understatements! Beautiful!