Friday, October 16, 2009

Trevor Follow-up

Last week I asked that everyone say a little prayer for Trevor because he was having some major surgery.

Well this past weekend Daniel, Lonnie & I went to visit and offer our support. I will say it was probably a little selfish on my part because I wanted to meet Danielle a lot too. So we went for two reasons, one to show our support and offer our services if needed. And two because Danielle is a pretty cool person (so is her hubby). I have been following Trevor’s blog for quite a while and the way she writes and how she describes things always keeps me coming back for more. She has tons of information on Infantile Spasms and she is down to earth.

Well I am happy to report that Trevor did well during the seizures and they have only seen a few since the surgery but that is expected. I cannot imagine having to be in their shoes, making decisions that they had to make. Although if I were I would have opted just as they have. Incredible people.

Trevor is doing as well as can be expected, you should hop over there and check our his blog as she keeps it updated regularly. I am hoping we won’t see any posts about seizures, and we will see many many posts of how well Trevor is doing!!

It was great getting to meet the family, it was too bad it was under the circumstances it was. Maybe next year we can plan a get-together of a bunch of IS families here in Michigan!



you're a good friend! Have a great weekend, okay?

baby trevor's mommy said...

Awwww...Melanie. I'm down to earth? Really? I like that about me... ;).

We SO enjoyed spending time with you guys. Shame we live so far away...cause I would definately join an IS get-together! Hugging eachother in person is very healing...I think.

Now...lets get this kiddo to stop with the spewin' so we can go home!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you helped Trevor and his parents. I am so heartened by reading families like yours and theirs. Barbara