Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Well, tomorrow Daniel gets ready for school. (I am not looking forward to it) So I figured we might as well live it up this weekend and do a bunch of stuff we don’t normally get to do.


Most of my brothers and sisters went to my brother Steve’s cabin up north.

So many people and much fun was had.  Here are a few highlights that Daniel got to do.


Drive the boat: 


Daniel  kayaking  with Daddy:


Daniel swimming:


Daniel and Daddy getting ready for tubing

(minor heart attacks but we I survived!)


Daniel and Caleb chillin’ watching a movie.



Caleb is one of Daniel’s cousins boy.  He is the a few months younger than Daniel, and one of the most adorable and loving kids I have even known.  He is great with Daniel.  He helps he put things in his hands, and plays with him, sings to him.  He is just awesome, just wanted to note that.  It warms my heart and I can only hope that there are kids like this in school with Daniel.  Good job Greg  & Emily…he is awesome.


Thanks Uncle Steve and Aunt Wendy for having everyone up to the cottage.


Now…for tomorrow and school.  YIKES!


Anonymous said...

awww the picture of caleb and daniel makes me cry. i love how wonderful and excepting caleb is and daniel is so happy to have a great buddy. i love it- there 2 peas in a pod.
way to go d and get out there and try some new fun stuff! glad you like the water bc i was totally terrified when i went out on a paddle boat and cried. big boy!

sister c

C said...

Melanie! Is that a larger Bumbo Daniel's sitting in? Q's PT and I were just wondering about that possibility. Could it be true?

C said...

By the way, love the pictures. Q is jealous. The Water -- any water -- is his very favorite thing. And think! Tubing!! WOW.