Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finding the Rainbow

walk for kids Last weekend Caitlin (my oldest daughter) and I volunteered to help with

the 7th annual Walk for Kids walk at the Detroit Zoo.


This is the organization that granted Daniel his wish last year to Disney.

(Gosh I’d love to go again, a truly magical time).


Anyways, they were raising money for upcoming wishes that will be given to other needed kids.  If you can donate some funds, or even your time just to volunteer to help at events, or stuff envelopes.  It all helps.


We were so privileged to meet many families of other special needs children that also have life threatening illness such as Daniels.  If you could see the smiles on all the kids faces, that is payment enough for your time I promise you. 


We didn’t walk with Daniel, as he has some unknown grudge again the zoo.  He does NOT like it and flips out.  Not just crying, but he gets the shakes and is very scared (although we didn’t even see any animals, something there set him off).  There were families there that have lost their child to whatever fight they had, but they still came.  One family had just lost their daughter Maddie a couple weeks prior to the walk.  They had one of the largest teams of over 175 walkers.  Bless their hearts, they are in our prayers.  I could not imagine the loss.  Scares me daily even thinking about it.


Anyways, check out the Rainbow Connection (just click the picture above) they are a fine organization to be associated with.

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