Thursday, August 6, 2009

Please Stop Laughing at Me…

I just finished reading this book that I got a couple days ago.  Title is listed above by Jodee Blanco.


Its one of those books you can’t put down.  Not the romance novel, or anything like that.  No mystery, no suspense.  Its a true story about Jodee Blanco, and what she had to deal with growing up.


Its one of those books that you want to stop reading because you’re horrified by what your reading, but you can’t because you need to know what they did to overcome.  Its about a typical girl who was bullied through out school for no apparent reason.


It made me sick to think that people could be so heartless, so cold.  That they couldn’t see what they were doing to this girl, and how it was killing her each and every day.


I usually don’t recommend books, because the books I generally like, others don’t.  But this one struck a nerve, and made me think, and remember things about my high school days.  It made me remember something that happened to me. Of course nothing compared to what Jodee went through in the book. But none-the-less, my little episode that I can still remember vividly (as insignificant as it was) has come into my mind and how I feel about myself many times since high school. I can’t imagine what Jodee endured.


I am baffled that people can be cruel, for no reasons.

Think back, can you remember something you might have said or did, that you regret doing just so you could fit in? Or because you were going along with the crowd?  Do you think it affected that person and do you think they still remember?  Did you feel bad about it afterwards?


Like I said I remember who it was, where it was at school. I remember how it felt to be the brunt of someone's mean joke. And I know the affects it had on me.  Do I think that person remembers it?  probably not. Because it really had no ill effects on them but to make themselves feel better.


If I ever said anything about someone or to someone I don’t remember, and I certainly hope to God that if I did, it didn’t hurt them/stick with them.  And if it did, I am sincerely sorry. I try to be a good person, but of course I am not always what I want to be and I am sure at some point in my high school time I was a little $hit.


So any regrets or memories you’d like to share?


Rich said...

Yes... bullies are why I started judo... and it's why I love teaching kids... but for the same reasons as me, a fellow student... a kid that * I * taught judo to decided he had enough, and planed a shooting at our local school...

The plot was foiled, no one got hurt, no guns made it on school grounds, but it was only hours away... he chose the path of violence I chose the path of martial arts... people never seem to learn, words DO hurt...

Stop making fun of people, and start helping.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I was always a goodie-two-shoes. And my mom was bullied through her school age...and had a very rough young life. Because of that...she was determined to teach my brother and I NOT to bully. I don't remember on purpose mocking anyone. Other than my brother of course! ;) I'm sure I've done my fair share of hurting people though. And I've certainly been hurt.

But having a little one...who can't defend himself...

It has revolutionized me. And certainly the way I parent my other two! We don't tolerate mocking in our home.

Very provocative post, Melanie!