Monday, June 8, 2009

Wingbo Swing

Well add this Wingbo tummy-time swing to the list of wants.
Why does everything that will work for Daniel have to cost so frickin' much?

Why can't companies understand that people who care for special needs people do not have extra money? Why can't you make it a little more accessible for us?

Newsflash- A lot of us are single income families. Not generally by choice either but because day care for a special needs child is outrageously expensive.

The benefits of this swing would be great. He would be having fun in it and he would also be working his core to strengthen his back, upper shoulders, chest....endless possibilities.

Of course, another discouraging day realizing all the things you can't get your child because it costs 4X as much as a standard child's swing.


Holly said...

I totally hear you. I just had the same conversation with our PT trying to get them to buy the Wingbo and us borrow it. Not going to happen by the way.

Equipment Costs Suck!

blogzilly said...

It does suck, I totally understand. I work in product design and manufacturing, and I can explain to you why it is so much more money but unfortunately it doesn't take the sting out of the fact that it is that much more.

I think the solution is not to have the manufacturer lower the price, because I would bet that they are probably at their lowest possible and actually reasonable wholesale margin when they sell to a retailer who carries it or even direct.

The solution is to have programs in place where people who have lower incomes or special needs children to get some sort of sponsored discount. Not unlike EI programs. Problem is, that the EI programs have their budgetary limitations and those budgets are simply not enough from what I know of it (which is very little, we just got started).

But systematically we are flawed as a society. What ends up being important in the grand scheme is not the needs of those who have special circumstances. I am only now seeing how easily they get lost in the shuffle of everyday life and it is really sobering.

I'm rambling, it's late and I spent the last 3 hours trying to console my son who is out of control right now. I don't even recognize him these days.

Anyway, sorry that the item is a bit out of reach for you guys.

Dawn said...

That is SO disheartening. Wishing you the best...

jamie said...

i agree!!

C said...

Mel, I swear we're living parallel lives. Q got to try the wingbo at therapy a couple of moths ago and it was *awesome*. Too much $.

Anonymous said...
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Amy Genn said...
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