Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Days

I love summer, but summer heat does not do so well with Daniel.  So we do many things, but most of the time we’re in the house and only outside for short periods of time.  Then we come in, get cooled down and then venture back out.


We were able to borrow a stander from Daniel’s school to use for the summer. Thank you Ms. Lynn!

Well if you’ve read earlier posts, we just got approved for our own Standing Dani wheelstand. (Can’t wait to get this!)

But for now, we’re using the one that he is use to using at school. He started off not to sure what was going on.  Got confused a little as to why his school stander was at home!



004As I mentioned before, we went last week to see Dr. Chugani.

Of all the doctors that we see, Daniel likes Chugani the best. Of course his nurse always tells us NOT to tell the doctor because it’ll go to his head!  But if you “google” Harry Chugani, you’ll see that many people besides Daniel think he’s a Rockstar!


The doctor that Daniel does NOT like is his dentist Dr. T. 

The guy is very nice, but the minute we pull into the parking lot, Daniel immediately knows its not going to be good.

Below is a photo of Daniel shortly after being medicated for his dental work.

He should be happy right?!?!


Life is good once you’re back in the car and you have your blue balloon! And I imagine you’re still buzzin’ a little too! (check out those eyes!)













Now, for the really cool news….


TA DA!! 


Daniel in the Wingbo swing I mentioned in an earlier post.

LOL.  I am so impatient….I KNOW he isn’t suppose to be in the swing using the little baby base, he is too big and can’t really swing this way.  BUT let me tell you this, it is awesome for him this way too.  He has his knees underneath him and he is bearing weight on his arms.

So he was rockin’ back and forth!  It was awesome because he cant hold this position on his own yet.


So we waited for Daddy to come home and I talked him into hanging it in the archway between the kitchen and dining room.  We have it low to the ground so Daniel can use his legs to swing himself.  He’s still not sure how to do it, but he loves when I swing him.

Again, the swing itself is awesome because Daniel can’t swing in a typical swing sitting up because he cant support himself great.

The best part of this, see the way Daniel is in the photo below….He has to hold his head up, which builds his neck muscles, his upper back and so much more!



006 009









Now, please don’t have a heart attack like I did when you see this picture. 

We have always been able to put Daniel on the bed (we have a king size bed) and go get his meds ready and get things ready for bed. 

Daniel doesn’t roll over much, rarely at that.  But walk into a room and see your non-mobile child hanging upside down off the edge of the bed.  WTH?!?!   Look closely at this picture…he is VERY proud of himself. 

Thank god we have his little bed at the end of our bed…and he didn’t fall off.


Pull him back to the center of the bed and quickly he does this body flip, bend, thrust ,throw and pushes backwards with his legs until his head is hanging over, and he watches the TV upside down!  He actually cries when I move him..he LIKES it.


I guess no more leaving him on the bed alone!  Can’t wait to see what other things he learns this summer, and if I live through the summer.  I suppose he’s just being a typical 3 1/2 yr old!




Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oh, he looks soo happy in that swing! Adorable dude there!!! I love it!

Stephanie said...

Very excited to hear that the stander was approved!! We are still waiting to hear on our Gait Trainer. It took 10 months for his bed. Very frustrating!!

Does the swing have a strap to hold him on? This would be awesome for Drew if it does.

Amy Genn said...

The new bed trick is great! Love that kind of stuff! :)
We're looking at the Wingbo because of seeing it on your blog...keep me posted as to how it goes...

Erin said...

Ordered Fletcher's wingbo today! His vision therapist saw it online last year and pointed it out, but I kind of blew it off... I'm regretting that now!

Is it easy to hang from a door frame? I am not exactly mechanically gifted.

Daniel's looking great, and too cute, as always!

C said...

Love it -- what a goofball. :oD

Keri said...

Such a cutie patootie he is! Do you have any clue how extremely excited I am to meet him and you? Seriously, I don't think you have any idea! I'm counting the days...

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

First of all, he is just adorable!

I love the swing. What a great idea. My daughter HATES tummy time but enjoys swinging so it makes me wonder if this would be good for her.

And seeing him on the bed cracked me up! When you describe how he moves, it sounds just like my daughter. She doesn't roll over, but she can move in one direction because she pushes with her feet.

Sounds like he is going to keep you on your toes this summer.

Melanie said...


Have you gotten the Wingbo yet? OMG you are going to LOVE it!!

Stephanie- if you want to come try ours out first...but Daniel loves it and it works great for him@!