Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well I can say that my child does not fail to amaze me with his progress each day. Sometimes its a slow process. Sometimes its later in his life than in other kids. But I don’t mind. There is always some progress and he works awfully hard at it. He has many challenges to overcome to just do what comes typically for most. And like I said each day, I am just floored by his motivation and desire to do the best he can do.


Where does he get the strength, determination and will power? Certainly not from me! But I am so glad he is the way he is. He is such a better person. Don’t misunderstand me, I HATE his disabilities most of the time. But sometimes its a love hate relationship we have going on. I love it because it has made Daniel who he is, and I can’t imagine my life without him. He brightens every ones day. Really its not just cause I’m his mom that I say that. He really does. He’ll make you giggle and smile at least once when you’re with him. .

Here is a little video from speech therapy. We haven’t worked on this in a while.

Listen carefully and you’ll hear him vocally answer with the correct word AND he will also look at the correct picture that corresponds with what his answer is. You’ll have to watch cause its difficult to record his eye gaze without disrupting him and putting the camera in front of his face!

Besides that neat little display of what he is learning, today while sitting on his potty and watching Signing Time video. (I didn’t get a video or a photo as he was naked on the potty, and although its cute...I suppose it isn’t appropriate!)

So watching the video and doing his business, I was folding clothes and I can see him attempting to do the hand motions for sock, shoes, and so many more.

What thing has your child done lately that just makes you so proud of them?


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Anonymous said...

It is really great!
I am very proud too!

Laura said...

I have tears!! That is so wonderful way to go Daniel!

I am proud of my Jonathan, he is using his pony walker to stand tall he hasnt mastered the walking but for a kiddo that has VERY limited head control and is standing with his head held high I am proud!

C said...

That is AWESOME. WTG, big boy. :oD

Q is in a little bit of a holding pattern as we wait for his medicine to be completely done. So far -- no seizures! And PT thinks we're seeing better tone management. A new OT joins our team Friday morning -- specializing in communication. I can't wait. :o)

Seriously, Daniel. You rock. (As does the rest of your fab family.)

Sherry C said...

way to talk Daniel !!!

I'm proud of my Ashley for bum scooting anywhere she wants to go. She's 4 and finally getting some independence. I love it.

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

That video is awesome! I have happy tears watching that! And it wasn't hard to follow his eye gaze at all.

I am so proud of my Emily these days (she is 21 mos). She is doing well with holding up her head and looking around while we are holding her (we normally get the question - is she sleepy?). She is making great progress with drinking liquids (since she got her g-tube at 1 month she has only been able to handle thicker consistencies). And last week with her OT, she did a great job understanding Ready, Set, Go. It was so cool to watch her understand and anticipate what was coming next.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Well done Daniel! wow on the hand gestures and even better on the potty!!! very impressed!
I think the proudest moment this week was seeing Cooper pull to tand on the couch, walk along and then fold his arms and roll onto some cushions saying " I'm a stunt man!"

Melanie said...

Thanks guys! I love hearing about what everyone else children are doing too! It's the littest thing that they do that make our days!