Friday, May 1, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

Thank you to everyone who entered!! It was fun! And Tori enjoyed picking the name, although she complained. She thought it was fun too! (Daniel fell asleep so he couldn't draw the name.)

Logan's Super Heroes

You have 3 days (Monday, May 3 before midnight) to contact me with your one custom crown that you would like.
You will get an additional five crowns of various colors, for a total of 6 crowns!!
If winner does not contact me, another winner will be chosen and the first pick forfeits their prize! :)
(Sounds real professional eh?!?!)

Hope you enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

AWWW MAN! You should have rigged it so I won, just filled the jars with pieces all with my name on it!

But ill be a good sport and congrats to the winner!

-daughter c

Keri said...

Hoo-rah!!! My first win ever and I'm geeked! These crowns are going to bring big smiles to some pretty special kiddos! Can't wait!

Thank you Melanie!