Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keeping My Cool.....kinda

You know you're feeling really low, when a phone message left from your insurance company makes you cry.

Wasn't sure what they even wanted, just left a message to call. Still the minute I get messages like that, the red flag goes up.

So I get the files of paperwork out before I even call so that I am prepared.
Sit on hold for 15 minutes and listen to the wonderful music and the occasional ad about how great they are.
Think to myself that maybe they are calling to congratulate me because my family has spent over a million dollars in equipment and we win something.

No such luck - When the conversation starts off with "Hi Ms. S. how are you feeling today?"
me: "Fine, until about 30 minutes ago and I got your message."
Rep: "Well we have reviewed some of your son's claims"

WARNING WARNING - $hits gonna hit the fan in 10.....9....8....7....6....5....4...3.....2.....1

Rep: "After reviewing his files, we see that there has been a mistake on our part and we need to put a hold on claims until further investigation can be made."
me: "Pardon?" "Put on hold?""What mistake on your end?"

Rep: "Well it seems that we declined some claims and we shouldn't have."
me: "OMG....."

They messed up!!! They called to tell me THEY MESSED UP. OK so they aren't on my $hit list today. :)

I had a mini heart attack waiting for the bomb to drop and the conversation actually ended up pretty good. Thank God I didn't lose my cool early in the conversation!
That was my "Keeping Cool" example.

Today wasn't the day to start anything with me! I am already ticked off at our other insurance about getting a stander for Daniel.

My example of "NOT keeping my cool"

Apparent insurance company "C" doesn't think Daniel needs to stand. We got denied a stander. That with his diagnosis is there really any point to it. YEP pretty much said that. To which my reply is....with your "diagnosis" is it really necessary for your to eat or breathe? I mean whats the point?

I would just love for some of these reps to be in our children's place for a week, hell how about a couple hours? Have them have to be dependent on someone to help them sit up or feed them, or help them "play" for gosh sakes. WTF? Does he really need to stand ? What are the benefits? Is this cost effective? Are you f*ckin' for real? C'mon. Really?

Look at the picture below, check out his accomplishments....
What do you think? Does he deserve to stand up and look eye to eye with his peers?

I hate some people. I really do. Some person sitting at a desk, flippin through papers, gets to decide what abilities my son gets. Some person sitting on their high horse, gets to decide that my son doesn't get to stand up with support to help him because it isn't "cost effective". I hope that when you're flippin through someones life eating your little snack at your desk that you don't choke, because I won't help you. And its really unprofessional for you to eat & smack your lips while you're on the phone you nitwit! Hope your Cheetos were enjoyable!

Ok I'm done. Thanks. Have a good frickin' day.
And people wonder why I'm a b*tch?!


AshleyS said...

Daniel is so gorgeous and of course he deserves every chance in the world to reach his full potential!!! Which includes a STANDER! I'm sorry you're having to deal with idiots on the other end . . .

MeghatronsMom said...

AMEN, Sista! AMEN!

It is at times like this that all I can say is "What the Shit" with a French accent, so more like "wot da sheet". Either way, I too HATE the insurance companies. I want their job for one day. They are playing God with our children & robbing them of their future.

To that, I am waving to the insurance companies with one finger!

Love ya, Melanie!

Justinich Family said...

It is so frustrating to deal with that. So are you going to get a stander through the other insurance company or what is going to happen with that?

Keri said...

All I gotta say is that these insurance companies best be happy that they get to deliver the 'denied' news over the phone or in a letter cause I tell you what.... nothing pisses me off more than someone denying my child of a chance of improvement because they don't see the benefits. Errrr, way to get my blood boiling!

Glad you had good news!

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Oh my word! I cannot believe that the company will not cover it & thinks there is no point. I cannot believe that they would even say that to you. That is SO frustrating.