Sunday, March 1, 2009

Littlest Heroes Project

This weekend Daniel had the privilege of getting his photo taken by Andrea from Mishka Photography, here is our "Sneak Peek"

A little bit about Andrea: She is one of the sweetest people we've met on our journey. She was so easy going, and pretty much let us do what we wanted, as many outfit changes as we needed. She'd let us take breaks if Daniel needed a rest. She acknowledged Daniel. That was an important part, walked right up to him, got to his level and talked to him. No uneasy feelings, no nervousness, and Daniel knew right away that she was "good people" and gave her his signature smile. Take a look at her blog and business web site. Her photos are awesome. She owns Mishka Photography, in Michigan and dedicates some of her time to the Littlest Heroes Project. I believe we were her first "Littlest Hero" client, and I will say..."She rocked!" She carted all of her gear and set up in our house. We didn't have to travel or do a thing!! How cool is that?!?! And she captured Daniel's personality with ease.

Littlest Heroes Project: This project is a non profit organization that started up last year by a high school student. Yep, a high school student...again, how cool is that? This project was created for children (1-21 yrs old) who suffer from serious illness or life altering disabilities. To see if your child qualifies or you know someone who does, check it out!

A few lines on the site says,

"This is our way of giving back and taking a stand for these children who sometimes feel forgotten because of their illnesses."

"We understand that in the midst of being thrown a diagnosis and having to switch from a “normal” life to a life that is totally different, and often scary, things like getting photos taken is sometimes a huge challenge and is one of the last things families are thinking about. But when everything is done, and either the child has reached the end of their battle, or has proven the odds against it many wish they had more time to stop, and capture the journey that they lived through for so long."

How true is that? Sometimes we just get so caught up in the day to day of having a special needs child, an ill child, fighting battles to get things for our children, stressing about being able to get back to that "normal" life you had before.

This experience with the Littlest Hero and Mishka Photography, let us stop for just a few hours. It let us relax, stop thinking about who we had to call to get something covered by insurance, about therapy, stressing on paying bills, and just let us enjoy each other and have fun while getting some pictures taken. The best thing ever...just being a family. Hopefully people see, we are just trying to be a normal family like they are.....we are a normal typical family, and sometimes its nice to just stop, enjoy each other and smile.


Erin said...

Love the photos. He is such a handsome little guy. And sounds like a great organization. We'll have to check it out!

Keri said...

Those photos are nothing less than perfect! Daniel, what a handsome little man! Gorgeous! And the fact that he knew she was 'good people' speaks a thousand words. Impressive.

Gotta love fellow Michiganders. I will be inquiring for sure. I'm excited. Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i love the pics they are great! i also like the new page setup! C

baby trevor's mommy said...

Wow...the new looks is very snappy! Cute! And do you think Daniel fells me pinching him through the moniter? The cutest pics ever!


Bird said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Good things happening at your house these days.

Sherry C said...

Really amazing pictures, she does sound like a great photographer.

Melanie said...

I love them too and can't wait to get the all of them!! I keep checking my email for a note from Andrea (the photographer)saying she is done and we can view them!

Everytime I look at our sneak peek, I find a different one I like just a little more...until the next time I look! :)

and yep danielle...he felt you squeezing his chubby little cheeks!
Keri- she just oozes "good people"
C- Lonnie couldn't wait to change it with some updated photos. He likes this look much better..he says its more "sleek" :)
Bird- Yes we're doing the happy dance over here this past week. Let the good things keep comin!!

Ellen said...

Melanie, hi. I'm sorry I've been AWOL for days, I am back. Those photos are just amazing—they capture his personality, I think. And handsomeness.

I am so, so happy Daniel is seizure free. I have a big smile on my face.