Friday, March 27, 2009

Guest Blog: Sister Brittany

I asked my mom if i could be a "guest blogger" since I have seen it on other blogs.
And to my surprise she said yes, have at it. in class I received a lovely e-mail from my mother about the new issue that President Obama has dug himself into, the issue being his comment that he made on the Jay Leno show about the Special Olympics.

Obviously reading this online it lead me to a site
Spread the word to end the word…

At this site I was able to make a pledge and this is exactly what I did.

I Brittany Marie, pledge to not use the r-word and work on eliminating this rude and degrading word from everyone’s vocabulary. Because someone without a disability wouldn’t last a day in the shoes of someone with a disability.

I pledge because I am not weak, I am stronger than the person who has the small vocabulary and is ignorant, who can only think of the r-word to describe something else, I am smarter than that. I pledge because I see my brother and his struggles, I pledge for Daniel John-Maxwell because it is offensive to me.

I have corrected people when I hear them saying the r-word because I am not scared of what someone would say to me. Because I am not in the wrong, You my friend, are the wrong one for the use of the word. Do not use that word to describe something or call someone that name.

It is just as bad as other terms that people dare not to use (Yes, You all know what words I am talking about) so why is that word okay?

I have seen every step, stride, and struggle that my brother has made and it makes me sick to think that people could stereo-type him and every other child into such a derogatory category. As a college student I have heard this word used so frequently, it make me sick.

In fact, I think that every person that I know who uses the r-word would have given it up a long time ago, and would think twice if they had ever actually took the time to know someone with a disability, instead of just judging them instantly. With what my brother does on a daily basis, he by far outshines your "typical" person.

My dear brother Daniel has changed my life, cheesy, I know but it is the truth. My brother has made me a stronger person, he has made me realize that life isn’t so bad, he has made me appreciate everything and every ability that I have. I walk because I have the ability to, I talk and will be more than happy to talk for Daniel and say what I think to the people who stare. I would give everything I have, even my ability to talk for the rest of my life just to hear the words that Daniel would say.
I feel that no matter what I say I would never be able to actually get out how much he means to me, how much my family means and how I have seen him change my entire family.

I share his story with people because maybe, just maybe someone else’s life could be changed just like mine was three years ago.
I pledged for my brother because he is better that that, better and smarter than the people who can’t think of a different word that ACTUALLY makes sense to describe what they are saying…
Now let me ask you a question… Would you like someone to call you a derogatory name? Is it retarded or is it ridiculous??

To pledge click the link, its easy. Share the word to end the word.


Lonnie said...

Well said, Brit...thank you for sharing. I certainly will pledge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Its something i geel very strong about, in fact I am making a poster for my graphic design class ill email you guys it when im done.


Erin said...

Wonderful post from a great advocate, sister and daughter. Well done!

AshleyS said...

Beautifully said.

Anonymous said...