Sunday, December 14, 2008

This, That and What Have You

Although Daniel doesn't like Santa Claus, he likes the gifts he brings! The RO Rotary Club threw a Holiday party for the Special Needs Kids at his school. Daniel did not attend the party (fear of Santa) but got the really cool gift above. He loves sitting by himself and playing, and wouldn't look up for me to take his picture.
The photo above is of the "Merry Christmas Children's Book Swap" gift that he got from Tanner. The deal was you had to send a holiday themed book along with a few little gifts for the child to open. Daniel had a good time opening it and playing with his new stuff with his big sister. By the way the airplane stamp is awesome for Daniel to hold and do stamping. I love it. The book "Snowman at Night" was a big hit too!
Here we have Daniel with his new mastered "pouty, boo-boo-lip". Do you all feel sorry for him? This is his way attempting to get out of doing therapy, putting his toys away, or taking a nap.
Here, he lost his battle against falling asleep while watching cartoons! Believe it or not, he is sick again! I've lost track of how many times he has sneezed today! I'm not kidding, he sneezes and everyone goes running towards him with a tissue! His little eyes are all watery, he's all stuffy, and sneezy.....uugh!


Sara said...

He is so cute! He has beautiful eyes! It must be hard for you with that face! I'm glad he had fun with the package, Tanner has always loved 'snowmen at night.' Me too.. it's a cute little story. Thanks for the comments on little Aiden, it was good to see my sister with him, every little thing means so much.

Bird said...

How cute! Charlie's got the crud too and has just fallen asleep--I better go do some therapy on him ASAP!

C said...

Love that lip! Q has the same "turkey roost" when things aren't what they "should" be. I've yet to capture it, but I should try before he outgrows it. It's hard not to laugh when it pops out. :o)