Saturday, November 1, 2008

Count Daniel out for Halloween

Considering that fall and this time of year is mine and Lonnie's favorite time of the year. The crisp fall air, the pretty colors, and Halloween being Lonnie's fav would think that it would rub off on Daniel. He does indeed like to play with all the pumpkin guts.

This year we decided that Daniel couldn't be anything baby'ish anymore cause he's such a big boy so we decided that oooh how about little Frankenstein. Couldn't find a costume so figured I'd make one. I don't know what was going through my head at the moment, considering I didn't even have a pattern. What the hell was I thinking? So I began the project and well needless to say, it didn't turn out how I had it pictured in my head. Lonnie ended up going to the store an buying him a costume, which he ended up wearing for less than 30 minutes because.....HE DOES NOT LIKE HALLOWEEN!! But he was very good for me to put on his make up. So...........ta da, a little vampire. And Lonnie ended up wearing the Frankenstein head that I made (originally for Daniel)

And below, you will see how Daniel truly feels about Halloween....(click on the picture to see it up close) Daniel was fine with his sister and her friends (on their way to a Halloween party) then Lonnie comes up all dressed up and....well you see the results.

Daniel ended up going trick or treating to about 6 houses down the street and decided that he couldn't handle it and the stress was too much. He came home and passed out candy. He was a much happier little boy after that!


Anonymous said...

omg that last photo is sooo funny! poor baby! But he did make a great vampire!

Anonymous said...

I so wish i could have been home for that

Daniel is adorable
Lonnie a little creepy- actually scary.

see you tomorrow-


Bird said...

You know, he is still pretty young. I had some kids come by the house who were afraid to come up to the door. Maybe he'll like Halloween when he's eight.

Erin said...

I'd have to agree with B (your daughter?), I think I would have been scared of Lonnie in the outfit, too!

Daniel does look great as a vampire, nice job with the last-minute costume! I am a last-minute halloween mom myself. My sister, on the other hand, starts planning in March.

Melanie said...

Yes "B" is my daughter.
and Yes I agree with both of you about Lonnie.

** I will note here that Daniel was not liking Halloween even BEFORE he saw lonnie!

Jacolyn said...

They both looked great!!

Justinich Family said...

He sure looks cute as a vampire, Evan finally got the concept this year and he wants to eat candy all day long, it is hard because there are not many types he can eat, and he especially likes suckers, just think drool on a sucker stick making it soft and falling off and then you have a kid who has the hard candy ball in his mouth and is not letting you get it out. Huge choking hazard.