Monday, October 27, 2008

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh, my own bed

We are home from Montreal and I am so happy. I can sleep in my own bed, with the noise of my fan running. I have a hell of a time sleeping without that noise! The trip was a very good trip, and we learned a lot and took notes, and pictures and got lots of email address to ask questions too.

ABR is a hard concept to try to explain to people. It is confusing and you have to have an open mind. People are just not use to trying alternative things, and all I can say is watch the videos. The videos speak for themselves. Yes it might not be mainstream, and it might sound a bit wacky, or you might think that the theory is way off. And that is fine, you are entitled to your opinion, and I respect that. But please respect our opinions also. If you had a child you would try anything within your reach that you could. And that is EXACTLY what we are doing. If you had a spouse or a loved one that you took care of everyday, you would do the same thing. You would search high and low, you would try absolutely anything to attempt to help them reach their highest goals. We have researched this therapy for a long time, its not something we just jumped into. We do not spend what money we have frivolously, we check things out, and ask many many questions. This was one of the alternatives and the least invasive one, and probably cost wise (because we do the therapy ourselves) one of the cheaper ones.

Also we got home in time to see Victoria off to her homecoming dance on Saturday. That I might add was a long long drive, but well worth it to see how pretty she is....and Daniel was so excited to be home and see everyone again.

Victoria with Zachary (grandson) and Daniel

Brittany and Caitlin - chaperons for the dance
Alexandra and her baby Zachary
Brittany and Daniel
Victoria and her best friend Emerson


Anonymous said...

yea for cute pictures!

Erin said...

Your whole family is gorgeous. So glad you get to be home with them again.

And thanks for the pony advice... working on getting the one with the lateral hip pads.

Melanie said...

Erin- I am sure you'll love the pony once Fletcher gets use to it. Then you'll be chasing after him! ;)

Bird said...

Let me tell you. . . I told my husband after we watched the video that I didn't care if they waved hickory sticks over my child and did chants. . .if I could get results like that. Also, I guess I should say that I like that the changes are measurable. My dad commented that they wouldn't take a million pictures if they expecting results.

Oh, I'm rambling. You have a beautiful family. . . but they get that from their momma!

Melanie said...

HA HA HA- That is exactly it. The hickory sticks and chants. EXACTLY. I'm going to use that one next time someone tells me ABR seems off the wall!

Daniel's therapist told me, make sure that when you go to any new place that if they take pictures and they measure against them to have them take the same photos the next time, and ABR does, that is part of what sold me!