Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hey All- sorry we haven't posted in a while! I get an a roll and post often then seems like I get into a week from hell and can't manage to find the time to pee!

Here are the instructions for the following Brillante Weblog Premio award recipients:
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2.Link to the person who awarded you
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Ok so here it goes....I am a little late in doing this...

Step 1: The person who gave me the award is the mom of MM from over at "Till the Short Bus". This mom is the parent of another SNK who happens to have autism and a preemie. Neither of these subjects of which I know too much about, but unfortunately she also has to deal with many of the same subjects that I do as Daniel's mama. Her daughter also has CP.

Step 2: Holy Crow...I can nominate up to 5 eh??? Geeze Louise there are so many that i enjoy reading.

I think the one I can relate to alot is "Terribly Palsy". First because I think her son "Moo" is a lot like Daniel. Secondly, she is a total HOOT to read. I always end up giggling about something she writes...whether its one of her children's embarrassing moments, or her just explaining something that happened. I end up laughing, then calling hubby and telling him...You have to go read about Moo during lunch! Even though she also deals with some pretty crappy things, she handles them well and I will I could be more like her sometimes! Wished she lived in my neighborhood. I'll take the time here to add a quick thank you to Moo's mama for giving me so much information of ABR. Moo is one of the in progress success stories that are floating around. She has given me some very valuable information. Thank you. we relate ALOT to this little boy named Evan. He has the exact same diagnosis that Daniel has. BPP & CP (and I'm sure they both like PB & J's too!) Ever get tired of trying to figure out what all the letters mean?? Evan is a year older than Daniel, but boy or boy are they they same in every other way! Usually if Daniel is going through something, Evan has gone through it before or will be at the same time! It is nice to have someone that knows what you're talking about when it comes to the BPP (and the PB& J too!)

Now we have Erin from over at "The Smallest Smykay" Fletcher was/is a micropreemie and he also has CP. Many of the kids with CP that we know through our yahoo support group were preemies. I think Daniel is one of the few (if not the only one) who was NOT a preemie. Anyhow, we will have the pleasure of actually meeting Fletcher and his mom and dad when we go to Montreal in October to start ABR. You'll have to watch her blog in the coming months to see how well Fletcher does with ABR.

Another blog I like to read is "bird on the street". Charlie is another little boy who will also be starting ABR in October. I just recently found Bird's blog, but I am positive that I will be following up quite frequently to find out how her ABR is going with Charlie. Check him out he is a real cutie pie!

"Life with Ben" This blog I found a while ago, laughed when I first read it because Oh Ben's mom seems like she is JUST LIKE ME!

Then I'd like to say "Till the short bus" an award AGAIN!! I find it very theraputic to read blogs of other SNP because I find that I am NOT the only one who feels the things that I feel. It is safe to say, I wish there wasn't a need for SN Parents, but I also can say it is comforting knowing I am not alone.

Crap this post has taken me about 10 days to actually complete. We've had a hectic time. Daniel was very very sick(welcome to public schools!). Almost where I thought he was going to go into the hospital. Now I have it, 4 days before I am walking 60 miles for the 3 day breast cancer walk! I'm still trying to raise about $300 to be able to walk! Thank you! I can tell you this really quick before Daniel wakes up or I pass out....

HE LOVES SCHOOL!!! I am so happy for him. Not so for me...I miss him. But it is so very cute. I ask him if he has a girlfriend named Amber and he gets the biggest grin! Of course I think Amber has a run for her money as Daniel also loves Ms. Mills (his teacher!)

We are going to be going to Montreal in approximately 26 days. Hoping everyone will be feeling so much more better by then. I can't image what 12 hours in a car is going to be like. I can't stand sitting still for an 1 let alone 12! And I'm sure I'll drive Lonnie nuts with my driving instructions (cause I think he stinks at driving and he thinks he is a "veteran driver" as he says!)

Watch the blog for Tori's volleyball tournament photos. Tori is my sports fanatic of a daughter...very unlike her mama!!! LOL


Melissa said...

Let me know if you guys are stopping in Toronto to stretch your legs! I could slip down if you are. Would love to meet you guys!!

Justinich Family said...

I am looking forward to seeing how the ABR goes for Daniel, it sounds so exciting. Thanks for the award