Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wiggles and a Big Surprise! **AMENDED**

We were very lucky and got to go see the Wiggles. Daniel loves the Wiggles. We were able to take Daniel's PT therapist and her daughter (who is a month younger than Daniel). During the whole show Daniel didn't make a peep, hardly a smile, but boy was he engrossed in the show. I wasn't sure he was diggin' it too much but towards the end I think he got use to all the noise, and the lighting changes! But all in all, a fun time had by all.

Then when we pull in our driveway at 8:30 last night, there is a big box sitting by our side door. WOOOOOOO I love boxes! I love packages of all sorts! But boo wasn't for me!! But it was for Daniel and we got to open together!! What a wonderful surprise and a mystery too! Look what was inside!

Yep you got it!! The Childrite seat that we've been wanting. I have been following the other kids in our yahoo support groups that have them, and I've been wanting to get Daniel one. I knew he'd sit up and it would work awesome! Look at that! I love it, I was so excited I put him into it while he was half asleep from a long day. I couldn't wait until this morning to get him into it again!! It is absolutely PERFECT!!!

The Mystery - there was no card, no indication of who exactly its from! So, whoever you are.....Daniel is giving you many many big kisses (open mouth of course!) and hugs. I also say thank you thank you thank you. You are truly a very cool person!
We are going to use the new seat when we are doing our "reading". Part of the IAHP program is teaching your child to read. I have read the books by Glenn Doman that are required for the program that we are determined to go to. I am starting to get Daniel use to parts of the program that I can start at home now. Part of that is the reading program. The books say that even special needs children with severe brain injuries can learn to read. We are only at the beginning but I can tell you Daniel gets a kick out of the "reading" sessions. And it only takes a few minutes each day. I am loving it. We will see what he retains, but he is definitely paying attention. He wants to do more and more, but I'm following the rules to the tee from the book!

Gotta run and get ready for therapy, just wanted to say THANK YOU to our mystery seat giver~


We took it to therapy today (speech, pt and ot) they all loved it too!


Justinich Family said...

That is so cool that someone just donated that seat to Daniel, how cool. Makes you feel good I am sure. He looks so great in it. I so want one for Evan now. I bet it would be great for restaraunts or friends houses for a place to eat in.

Anonymous said...

yea D! Cool Chair- looking forward to having our own little reading session again this weekend. Maybe the Big Ripe Red Strawberry. Hehehehe oh how you laugh when i read that one! loves yous and hope you had fun at the Wiggles. Sorry I couldnt make it. I think that you guys had more fun anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How awesome! We have been wanting that chair too...but boy they are costly. :( Glad he enjoys it, he looks so happy!


Jacolyn said...

Very cool!!! What a great day! We have the same Big Red Car photo on our blog :)

Nelba said...

Lovely! I don't know that particular seat, but we had a Bumbo for Marco when he was little and I always used to think if we could just make the back a bit higher then it would be perfect for Loren. And now see, here it is...

Daniel looks well.

Mamá Terapeuta said...

YAY!!! We have the childrite also (actualy, I sent a picture of my daughter using it to the ABR Yahoo group :) ) and it is GREAT!!!!! We love it to.

Just found out your blog! Will keep on reading it :)