Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flashlight Tag....well sort of!

Talk about being overwhelmed and just caught up in everything! I don't know where the time has gone but I could got for passing a new rule that the day should have more than 24 hours in it!
Below are just a few pictures of a new game we created at home. After playing it I thought "wow! what a cool game to get Daniel to really understand his eye gaze". We have been working with Daniel on his eye gaze with his augmentative device (its our back up to touching the screen. the one we are getting have the laser for eye selection). Here is what you would see if you walk into a room at our house at night time! Its kind of like flashlight tag, but not really!

If you can't figure out what the photo is above, that is Daniel with his flashlight. Photo taken without a flash on.
Daniel with his flashlight (headlight) taken with flash on the camera
Daniel thinking he's the top notch winner with the cool head gear! the idea is that with the lights out, Daniel is the only one with the headlight. When he turns his head and the light stops on get to move and make funny faces! Or we sit there and I ask him to look for his mickey mouse, Elmo, daddy, etc. Then when he stops his light on it we all clap and shout for joy. Its a fun little game and like I said he thinks he's really cool. Anyways a little pat on the back to mom and dad for coming up with a cool game what works as therapy too! ;)

Below are just a few pictures from therapies this past week or so.

Daniel listening intently to Ms. Carol's directions using the lite gait walker that we want to get. If someone would like to donate one to us.........what would be just swell!

Daniel writing on the Water Doodle. (He hasn't decided yet if he is left or right handed, it switches from day to day!)

Daniel continues to do the VitalStim at therapy with Ms. Pat. It is going so well. His swallows have gotten notably better, louder, quicker and stronger. This makes me a very happy mama. We will continue with this type of therapy. We are also back to doing the TES therapy at night, where Daniel wears his electrodes while he sleeps to stim the muscles of his truck. This is a long time therapy and will take many many many months, but it is while he sleeps and he doesn't seem to mind. We are also in the middle of his weaning of the anti-seizure meds. Makes me very nervous because I am terrified the seizures will come back and we wont' be able to control them. Anyways, (everyone knock on wood please) all is going well. Actually since starting the wean, I think he is becoming more alert. His processing time is getting quicker. You ask him to do something and he is able to do it much much quicker. This is a very good thing.


Anonymous said...

What a fun game, he is lucky to have such wonderful and creative parents!! Keep up the great work Daniel!!
~Lisa & Konnor

Justinich Family said...

Great idea for a game and the added therapy benefit is great. Good luck with the weaning, I will be thinking no seizure thoughts for Daniel.

Anonymous said...

look at my big boy sitting up at the table and coloring. yea daniel!!!!! i love the game. its such a good idea. i am so coming over and play! love you guys

Melissa said...

jeez...could he be any cuter?!

Erin said...

Awesome idea for therapy. Very creative... I'm impressed!

Good luck with the weaning process. Will be thinking of you guys.