Monday, March 31, 2008

Q & A

For the people that have stuck it out and keep checking back here on Daniel even though I as his mother haven't' been keeping up on the blog because of my own "blah-ness" that is hanging around too long....We have our Questions and Answers Day! LOL, there have been emails or questions within your comments to posts so I will answer a few here.

1) Yes that is Daniel's bellybutton!

Brittany: And no I don't think its gross, its his belly button for gosh sakes, not like it his privates!

Amy: Oh his little feet are really cool too! I can't imagine anyone painting his feet for a project......oh my that must tickle (I'm thinking of my own feet here!) but I would bet they are precious! Trying to picture someone painting his chubby little tummy to get a bellybutton imprint! now that would be cool!

2) Butterfly

Stacey: believe me it has totally creeped me out that the bug/butterfly is in the house.....UUUGH I can't imagine crickets....what if it got lose? HOLY CROW I'd have to move out! I don't' think that in my writing I have expressed how terrified I am of bugs...I don't know if I should say terrified or just grossed out by the whole bug population. Yes I know they help the environment and all that....but YUCK! And the butterfly is still alive......they say its only a butterfly for one to two weeks and then it dies.

3) Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk

Brittany: Yes its $2,200 per person not the team. So if there are 5 people on your teach EACH of you needs to raise $2,200. If you do not raise that amount by the time the walk is, then you still have raised the amount of money you just can't walk. And I really really really want to walk so if there is anyone out there that would like to donate...please do so, even $5 would help! Thanks a tons. If you'd like to donate or follow my progress, click HERE or send the following link to friends and family and they can donate

4) Back From Nowhere

C: Its funny, but you commented that Q is a lot like Daniel. I think the exact same thing. Actually I watch the video on your blog of Q using the button for his mobility chair. He is identical almost to Daniel.

In regards to Daniel being a swim junkie.....we had his first swim therapy session last week. It didn't go as well as I had hoped it would, but when I got home and thought about it I can understand why.

1) Its a new therapist he has never met

2) He has never been in an indoor public pool, there is an echo and I think it
was freaking him out a bit.

3) I wasn't in the water with him

4) it was a new experience for him and he cried........and cried...........and cried.

Did I mention he cried? But I did good, I told the therapist to do what she needed to do, and she was excellent with him. Didn't' force him to do anything (except go into the water). She sat on the steps for a long time singing to him, comforting him, kicking his legs for him. Towards the end of the 45 minute session she had him pushing a ball in the water and kicking a little bit. So hopefully this Tuesday will be better.

Also, Q can come to play on the ramp anytime!

Amy: I hope your recovering from your funk. I know its not a good place to be in for long and it really really sucks big time.

5) Augmentative Devices:

I can't remember from who, but I do remember reading someone asking about the eye gaze device that we tried out for augmentative devices. This was a really really cool concept. The only problem we had with it is that Daniel is small, his eyes aren't as "OPEN" as a teenager/adult is and that is mainly what the device is for. The device itself seems very cool. They tried it out on me but again Daniel didn't do as well because his eyes were small. His gaze is awesome and it is definitely something we will try again in the future if he isn't able to gain better use of his arms. There is also another thing we use with the computer at therapy. They place a reflective dot on his forehead and there is a laser so it tracks here the dot moves and if he holds his gaze on a certain object on the screen it will select it. If you read this and you want more information on it please send me an email and I'll answer it as best as I can.

Just a cute little picture of Daniel relaxing


Anonymous said...

Look at my big boy- I will be home to play this weekend Daniel

Love love love-


Anonymous said...
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C said...

Man, look at that big guy. You can totally see how he's gonna look when he's a strapping teenager -- heartbreaker!

Thanks for the Q & A -- hugs to you all.

Melissa said...

Tag! You're it! (Read my posting today on my blog for more info)