Thursday, March 27, 2008

and we have........a BUTTERFLY!!

I was almost ready to give up hope that our cocoon was going to become a beautiful butterfly.
I had just told Lonnie that I thought maybe it got too cold in the house or it just wasn't strong enough to make it.

We woke the next morning and Lonnie said that it looked a little different so maybe take some pictures. I mustered up enough courage to open the box and take a couple shots, but they mistakenly got deleted so you can't see those!!

But hours later on the same day we came home from therapy and voila', we have a butterfly!!!

If you want to see them really close and personal, double click the photo and it should open up larger........and you can really see the the beady eyes, and the fuzziness of the yucky head. UUUUUGH.........I am such a good mom....a brave mom.......I AM A GOOD MOM FOR LETTING THIS BUG STAY IN MY HOME!!

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Justinich Family said...

You are such a good mom for doing this. I know both my boys would love it. My hubby has a Gecko and Evan would love to hold the bag of crickets that we got to feed the Gecko, so once my hubby made him his own bag with one or two in it. He thought it was so cool.