Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is That Really Suppose to Be Elmo?!

We read in the little city paper that our public library was going to be celebrating Elmo's Birthday. Elmo's Birthday eh?? It only cost one dollar.....crafts, book reading, you get to meet Elmo, and have cake and ice cream.

So, shortly before party time, we gather up Daniel and Tori to take them to see Elmo. Here are some photos of Daniel and Tori doing the craft, and Daniel listening intently to the story. You will also see some photos of what I believe are suppose to be "Elmo", but I'm not really sure! (The following part of this paragrapgh was added by Lonnie. I didn't want to everyone to think that Melanie was so mean, so I took it upon myself to elaborate:) Looks more like some hobo they drug out of the gutter out back. Oh, and they didn't change his clothes. Wearing tattered rags and a paper mache head that frightened all of us when he entered. He was also wearing black sandals with red socks. Sorry, don't get me wrong, it was a very nice thing they did for the kids, but we all just found it rather humorous. I actually looked around the room when he walked in, and everyone seemed to be reacting the same way. Nevertheless, Daniel had a good time anyway.

Don't know what I was only $1.....but sheesh at least have a real Elmo costume!

And here is a funny photo of Victoria enjoying her "Grande Deluxe Carmel Cream Frapp minus Coffee"


Anonymous said...

omg thats great. the flip flops were to make it look like elmos toes. its cute. it looks like you guys had fun anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to say about Elmo. But I love the new name and header. Well done guys!

Jacolyn said...

That's hilarious! Elmo looks a wee bit scary!