Thursday, January 31, 2008

Remodeling.......Day Two, Pardon the Dust

Here are some more photos of the construction of the ramp (for the wheelchair), steps, foyer and new ceiling and walls. Starting to look pretty saaaa'weet don't you think?!?!

Now the next step is to mud in all the drywall and wait for the flooring to come in....should be cool.



View from the family room

View from the dining room

Can't wait for it to be done, for Daniel to go down the ramp, and for our toy car races on the ramp!


Melissa said...

It looks awesome!!! Make sure you get it on video the first time he goes up the ramp!!

Anonymous said...

it looks great! can i slide down the ramp with wax paper on my feet? it would be so much fun! :)

Jacolyn said...

Oh wow!! That looks great!!