Tuesday, October 23, 2007

WOW, can I breathe now??

Gosh, I thought life was hectic about 3 months ago, but sheesh....when it hits the fan it really hits hard!

So, here's the low down.

1) Its been one week since Daniel has been off the ACTH, we are still seizure free (everyone knock on wood please. Thank you!) His personality is back with flying colors and he LOVES therapy again! No more crankiness from the ACTH (there is some fussiness from #3 below!). I swear he is getting chubbier since he's off the steroids.

Daniel is also not eating everything in sight like he was while on the ACTH, but he still says "yummm" when anyone has food! (he's so cute!)

2) Hubby got some free tickets to see Nemo on Ice (which I was oh so happy to get!). Wasn't sure how Daniel would do with it but he so loved it. It was a nice time out. Brittany and Victoria got to come along too. So you can only imagine how much fun Daniel had with them. Ms. Carol & her little girl were there too. We were in a suite, which was way cool, free food and drinks. It amazes me how much things cost there....a snow cone.....$10.00. Can you believe that $10? for flavored ice??? sheesh! The minute the show started, Daniel eyes were glued! Absolutely loved it! We just "splurge" and get Daniel the Nemo hat w/cotton candy....now if it only fit!!!

3) My grandson (gosh that's weird!) is doing very well, along with his mommy. Boy that child has so lungs. For the first two days of his life he didn't make a peep....I suppose he was storing it up for when he got home from the hospital! Well at least he knows how to behave in public right?!?! Every parents nightmare! Daniel's still not too sure what to think of little "z". I know that he thinks it's extremely funny when the baby cries or if you want to send Daniel over the edge into fits of hysterics....bring him around the baby when he has the hiccups! Its a hoot! He does get a bit jealous when he sees me holding the baby. He'll do his little boo-boo lip and pout. Its very cute! Here he is pretending to play the harmonica! tee hee hee.

4) My oldest daughter is settling into her new house, they are still working on getting things cleaned up and to their liking but they are "homeowners"! She is so excited to have her first Halloween there. Remember when ...."Oh that was our first Christmas.....that was our first night there, .....that was our first snow storm...." all that mushy crap! After you get older you're like "Yeah whatever!" LOL. But I am glad she is happy.

5) My college child is doing well. She doesn't understand that she isn't around the block, she is hours away. So she calls....will you come get me.....my response....."Oh sure, what the heck, I've got 10 hours to spare!" I will say this, it is nice to have her home. Plus the fall colors are so pretty on the drive.

6) My little girl, the high schooler....she's doing really, really well, hanging in there, good grades, doing the sports and just having fun. That's what they're supposed to be doing right? Here she is at her first high school "homecoming". She's the one on the left. Isn't she pretty?!?!

7) Daniel is doing so well at all of his therapies, we are so proud of him. Here is a little picture of his latest at physical therapy. Please note that we are not looking at his posture at all we are just looking at the fact that he is able to get his legs going in the correct motion. This was the first time Daniel had ever used this equipment so we were all very happy with how well he did. Yep that's Daniel on a treadmill. He walked for 15 minutes!! Wha Whoooo!

8) On a sad note, Daniel & the girls Grandma, isn't doing really well right now with her fight against her cancer. Seems that the cancer is winning right now, but hopefully she is able to hear every ones prayers and she will soon be able to fight back. If everyone could add Betty to your prayer list it would be greatly appreciated. She needs it right now. And I would certainly appreciate it.

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