Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 5 - ACTH........We're Doing the Count Down!

Well again today being Tuesday, we did another lowering of the dose. We are now on .125 ml of ACTH. My poor little guys legs look like pin cushions...holes all over with little tiny bruises.

Only 13 more shots!!!!

I would do the happy dance again but our legs are still exhausted from our happy dancing earlier in the week!

Daniel was due to have an echo cardiogram (required after 4 weeks of ACTH) this week, but because of unforeseen circumstances out of our control, it has gotten rescheduled until next Tuesday. So hopefully that comes out well, with the only evidence being that Daniel does have a heart, and yes it is beating correctly. We do not want to see an enlarged heart!

The Chloral Hydrate that we got prescribed for Daniel has worked wonders, there is such a change in him. And to think that all that time he was cranky, all he wanted to do was sleep and couldn't. Poor Baby.

I am so happy we are almost done with the ACTH but then on the other hand, I am nervous that once we are off it that the seizures will come back. Hopefully I am wrong!

We are still waiting for Alexandra to have her baby. 11 Days until the actual due date and counting.

Need to do the Happy Birthdays for this month as there is a lot so we'll just list them here. Seems that October is a busy month for my family.

So here goes

Oct. 2 - Uncle James
Oct. 4 - Uncle John
Oct. 8 - Cousin John Paul
Oct. 8 - Cousin Dawn - she's 30!
Oct. 9 - Aunt Aimee
Oct. 13 - Cousin Adam
Oct. 16 - Cousin Tracy
Oct. 20 - Uncle Mike
Oct. 31 - Cousin Katie

and somewhere in there hopefully is Nephew Zachary!

(Isn't that a hoot, Daniel will be an Uncle at 2 yrs old!)

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Nelba Vercuil said...

Praying that the good things keeping coming!