Friday, October 26, 2007

Our New Goal

This is a new piece of equipment that Daniel uses at therapy.

So far it is awesome for him. What I would like is to put the word out there to anyone that comes to this blog......

This is our wish list, or christmas wish list, or next years worth of wishes.

I think if we got this for at home, and we were able to work on it daily with him, his trunk would get so much stronger.

Anyways........if you hear of one of these or you know where we can rent, use, buy cheaply, steal (LOL JUST KIDDING) please send the information onto me at my email address located under my profile. Or if you just want to buy it for Daniel and sneak it under the Christmas all means I won't stop you, in fact I'll keep the door unlocked!!

It is called the "walkable" or the "Lite Gait" or a "mobility frame". There are many names for it, but basically what it does is it supports Daniel's trunk, while positioned over a treadmill, which will then get him the motion of walking. There is much research being done with children and treadmills. Click the link if you'd like to learn more. Our insurance, as good as it has been will not cover this as it is considered a form of exercise equipment. Plus we are still crossing our fingers on getting his power wheel chair approved!

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Jacolyn said...

ughhh, insurance! I hate dealing with it but gotta have it. Daniel is making such strides!