Sunday, September 9, 2007

Day Six -ACTH

Well we are ending day 6 of ACTH, and there are still seizures. Granted not as many, but they are still there.
We aren't really seeing any side effects yet besides he seems to be eating better.
He is sleeping well, and isn't cranky.........anymore than a "typical" 2 year old would be.

The only bad thing is of course that he is now a human pin cushion from getting all the shots.

All of the testing we are doing at home with the urine and stool are all coming up negative which is good. When the visiting nurse was here on Friday, she said his blood pressure was 102/69. This is a little higher then when we were in the hospital but she stated that it was within the range and not to worry about it. HA............worry? who me??? are you kidding? I don't worry about anything!


Anonymous said...

you need to focus on the good mom. less seizures. forget everything else, thats what you need to focus on. Plus that little chicken could use some more meat on his bones. So Eat up Daniel! love- me

Anonymous said...

Great news it's reducing those seizures not so good about being a pin cushion but the results will be worth it, thinking of you all. Mal

Anonymous said...

Focus on the positive - the seizures are reduced, and Daniel is not experiencing any side effects - YAY!! ACTH can take up to two weeks to eliminate the seizure activity. Stay Positive!!