Monday, August 6, 2007

Overwhelming Sadness

Well two days, and Daniel will be two years old. Officially a "toddler" who isn't quite toddling yet! But he does get around fairly well in his Pony.

Today is one of my bad days, and I figured ok, lets talk about this, because Daniel's header on his blog does say "....and dealing emotionally and physically with a special needs child"

Well here are some of those emotional and they are quite raw.

Before I fall asleep at night, I always think to myself, ok tomorrow is going to be a good day, I'm going to make sure everything goes right, that we get all the stretches in, wear our AFO's for so many hours, get in the time with the walker, and the stander, make sure he eats well, and also try to get him drinking from the cup instead of the bottle because being on the cup with help with his tongue and speech along with swallowing. I know to most this doesn't' sound like much to do, but some days I am just overwhelmed. Now put into that day they times he needs to go to therapies, travel time, getting in the naps and oh yeah we're also working on potty training. OH CRAP!! Don't forget to brush his teeth too!

Today is definitely one of my days, Daniel is still having seizures. Very sad.

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