Friday, August 17, 2007

Off to College

Its a sad day today. This is my last full day with one of my baby girls. She is leaving tomorrow for college. She won't be home at nights for me to check up on. She won't call me to tell me she is going to be late. She won't be coming home from school this year each day to tell me of the things that happened throughout the day. She won't be coming home telling me she got her cell phone taken away, or that she got into a fight. There won't be any homecoming dances or proms this year. She won't be hogging the bathroom in the morning to get ready for school, at least not at my house! She is going off to college. She is not the only one of my children in college, but she is the only one so far to GO AWAY, to leave my "safety", to be more than 5 minutes away. Ugh, such mixed emotions I am having. She is growing up and for this I am happy, she is moving on and learning to care for herself, and for this I am happy. But she is also leaving me, and for this I am so, so sad. I didn't think I would cry.............

I was wrong.

I love you Brittany, you'll always be my little britter-butt


Anonymous said...

I think Daniel will miss Brittany as much as you will.

C said...


Now I'm all weepy. Wah. What a gorgeous girl, what a bright future, what a talented mama and lovely family.

Blessings--and hoping the EEG shows something nice and simple and benign,


Anonymous said...

good luck at college Brittany. Melanie, your family is absolutely gorgeous.