Monday, July 30, 2007

Counting Down.....

Well we're in the count down phase to Daniel's 2 yr birthday.

I don't know if the word I should use is "bitter-sweet". There is happiness that Daniel is two years old, and then there is an abundance of sadness that comes along with it. I am very thankful for Daniel, do NOT get me wrong. We have said many times, if someone asked if we'd change what and who Daniel is to get rid of his illness, we say no, not if it would change who Daniel is now. Because Daniel is almost always happy, he is Daniel, and he makes EVERYONE, and I mean everyone smile. I know it sounds corny, and as corny as it may is the Truth.

Some people will say "be thankful for what you've gotten", and we are. But there is that part of me that is fearful of Daniel's happiness when he realizes that he is different from other people, and that the people out there are mean, mean people sometimes. that they are not as accepting as his family and friends. That they might stare and treat him different then others. Little do they know, if he were given enough time to show you, you would see that he is a very mature and intelligent little boy. And what is sad, is that people are in such a rush that they don't give him enough time. Daniel has a diagnosis that makes it hard for him to quickly respond. But you know that what you ask of him is being processed, you just need patience. You might say "hi" to him, give him 30 seconds or so, and he'll respond with his "hi" but he is smiling while he is trying to process how to get his mouth to move the way it needs to.

Some people will say "it could be worse", and you're right it could be.

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