Friday, May 11, 2007

Talk about....

My two favorite guys

Talk about a L O N G week!

Mental breakdown, hard work at CLC, driving 2 1/2 hours two times a week, being in a place you aren't familiar with. But aside from all those things, Conductive Learning, in the time we've been there so far, I think is helping. Again I wish there was one closer to home so we could come home everyday afterwards. Things I'm noticing with Daniel that have changed since he started going.
  • He is opening and holding on for support with his hands
  • He can sit unsupported for 20-30 seconds
  • He can build "a bridge" with his body, and does it when I ask himHe will wipe up his snacking spot when I give him his wash clothe! (He even washed off his pretzel today!
  • He is started to get the rocking motion to roll over from back to tummy
  • He raises his arms above his head--straight. Never did this before
  • And finally....he is shaking his head side to side to say no.

Like I have always said, I have a smart little boy in that head...we just need to find alternative ways to get his body to listen to him. I can see him process it (see the gears working in there) when I ask him to do something, he will look at me for a few seconds, smile and then kind of just "concentrate" and if you wait, a little longer then you think you should need too, voila!! Daniel does it! His brain knows it, his brain is SCREAMING to him arms and legs, hands whatever part, and I know if we could here it, it would go something like this "OK, you Mr. Left hand, open up, Now, Mr. Left arm, and elbow...stretch, OK now hand, close your fingers, there you go there you go, now look up and smile, that's it, a great big smile! Good job guys YOU DID IT!!" If you think about it, its gotta be hard to get all those things working. Very exhausting!

And believe me Daniel knows, he knows when he does something, you can see the look of accomplishment, the satisfaction of succeeding. He knows he got done what he needed to, it might have taken twice as long, but damn it...........he did it. And I love him so much for doing it, for trying. this kid...he's got drive, he's got determination, and he's got a big heart, he is what keeps me going......although aside for a few meltdowns, he keeps me on track!

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